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   HIV is a disease that broke through massively during the 70's and 80's, it was during this period where people felt the heat of it. There are multiple routes that this disease takes which makes it extra threatening. It's like a forest, one doesn't know which path is the right path but there is always an end to the forest!


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I am a student who is keen to explore beyond the borders of school. I came across the realities of HIV at a home for infected children and it was a humbling experience, it opened my eyes. From then on I have researched a lot about this field and I seek to get people well informed with HIV and its impacts in society. As a high school student, I have already studied about HIV in Bio class but the many difficulties faced by infected patients is larger than life. The visit to the HIV home really motivated me to create  awareness of HIV and what we as people of this world can do to motivate infected people.

Aaron N

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